27 Sep, 2020

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The Zamil Higher Institute for Industrial Training (ZHIIT) was established for effective contribution to the training and adequacy of Saudi nationals in technical and professional fields by providing easily accessible, high quality & internationally accredited programs designed to prepare trainees for workforce entry and career advancement.

ZHIIT offers diploma programs and specialized short courses for engineers and technicians. The Institute meets the existing needs of industrial companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by providing continuing career development programs targeted toward increasing efficiency and enhancing the skills of engineering and other professionals at work in various industrial sectors.

Several of ZHIIT’s technically specialized diploma programs have received joint accreditation from the Saudi Arabian General Technical and Vocational Training Corporation and the Human Resources Development Fund, as well as the UK-based Edexcel Corporation. Edexcel is an international accreditation body that evaluates and approves vocational training programs and centers worldwide, in cooperation with Grimsby Institute of Further & Higher Education (GIFHE) in the United Kingdom.

The Zamil Higher Institute for Industrial Training (ZHIIT) is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment and training aids. This campus offers modern and fully appointed workshops and laboratories in addition to a learning resource center, and is dedicated to remain updated with latest developments in all kinds of industries.

The training facility was established in order to accommodate the requirements of businesses and local industrial companies for qualified employees and apprentices with practical, hands-on training using the same equipment and systems found in modern Saudi Arabian factories. The institute facilitates the creation of a well-trained national labor force that can be relied upon to perform in various technical and vocational fields.

ZHIIT offers balanced, comprehensive practical and theoretical training

The course material used in each training program has been carefully selected in order to provide the trainees with the opportunity to enhance their practical skills in the areas of specialization without excluding the theoretical aspect of the program. Each program integrates supplementary theoretical components — such as English, basic computer applications, applied sciences for technicians, mathematics, vocational orientation, and work ethics — in addition to practical course materials that address a student’s area of specialization.

For example, the refrigeration and air-conditioning diploma program comprises of several curricula, including the basics of electrical maintenance, refrigeration and air-conditioning technology, and materials engineering subjects, including industrial drawing, technical drawing, engineering drawing, and others.

Periodic assessments track trainee progress

Trainee performance evaluation is based on continuous assessment during the theoretical and practical training period. The Institute implements a variety of evaluation tools and procedures, including short theoretical and practical tests as well as final exams at the end of each semester to ensure the trainees’ full acquisition of basic skills. During the course of training, a technician may be required to figure out solutions for unforeseen difficulties or even solve problems confronted while troubleshooting or repairing equipment failures. He may need to employ logical thinking and analysis when handling factory systems and equipment, and also may be required to engage in project planning.

International accreditation and recognition

ZHIIT has entered into a cooperative agreement with Grimsby Institute of Further & Higher Education (GIFHE), a leading UK-based provider of vocational air-conditioning and refrigeration training.

The 65-year-old GIFHE institute works with ZHIIT in the development of UK-based Edexcel-approved vocational training programs, notably in the areas of refrigeration and air conditioning, welding and fabrication, production, instrumentation and control, and electrical and electronics technologies. This additional curriculum will aid ZHIIT in gaining further accreditation.

GIFHE is also in cooperation with ZHIIT to establish a quality control and assurance unit at the Institute, a vital requirement for Edexcel-UK accreditation. The unit will ensure that all the departments at ZHIIT follow the specific procedural standards set by the main qualifications-awarding body (Edexcel) and Grimsby when delivering training and assessing trainees. The unit will also instruct ZHIIT trainers and ensure that they are fully aware of the standards that ZHIIT must meet in order to acquire and maintain external accreditation.

Grimsby Institute will also provide all materials required to deliver the training programs effectively, as well as a comprehensive learning management system (LMS) that will be used to track and monitor the progress of all ZHIIT trainees, from initial enrollment through graduation from the Institute. The web-based LMS will likewise provide trainees with continuous online access to all training and assessment materials and test results.

Grimsby Institute will also review and grant accreditation to short programs conducted at ZHIIT, to ensure that the content and the standards of the programs match those of the same delivered at institutes in the UK. Candidates for training programs will be selected using placement and aptitude tests based on ability and interest, maximizing the rate of successful course completion.

The ultimate goal of Zamil Higher Institute for Industrial Training is to provide young Saudi Nationals with a unique and accessible opportunity to obtain an authentic, internationally accredited vocational qualification. In addition, this level of qualification ensures that graduates of these training programs that are conducted at the Institute can easily pursue their education and further training at any international educational institute worldwide.