25 Aug, 2019

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Zamil Higher Institute for Industrial Training Signs Training Agreement with Saudi Arabian Saipem Company

Zamil Higher Institute for Industrial Training Signs Training Agreement with Saudi Arabian Saipem Company


Zamil Higher Institute for Industrial Training recently signed a one-year training agreement with Snamprogetti Saudi Arabia Company Ltd., a subsidiary of Saudi Arabian Saipem Company, a leading company in engineering, drilling, and construction of major projects in the energy and infrastructure sectors. Under the agreement, the Institute will provide a wide range of training services, including specialized occupational health and safety courses as well as engineering and management training courses and programs.

Mr. Bandar Al-Safeer, Board Member and the Managing Director of the Institute, stated that the Institute will provide various types of training courses and programs for company employees during the year. They will be delivered either at the Institute or on the company’s premises. He added that the Saudi Arabian Saipem Company selected the Institute to provide the required advanced training services after visiting and thoroughly evaluating the quality of its facilities and its training staff.

He added that the Institute always focuses on providing high-quality training services. As a result, it has been accredited by various national and international organizations, such as Edexcel-UK, NEBOSH-UK, and IADC-USA, as well as locally, by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation and the Ministry of Education.

Zamil Industrial Starts Summer and Cooperative Training

Zamil Industrial Starts Summer and Cooperative Training Programs for School, College and University Students


Zamil Industrial Investment Company (Zamil Industrial) pays great attention to serving the community in various ways, including the provision of specialized training opportunities for a large number of university, college and school students on annual basis. The Training Center's Manager, Dr. Mohamed Abdulla Sharif, announced that the training programs for this year have been organized into two main categories, namely those that are designed for the secondary schools students and others that are suitable for the college and university students from various regions of the Kingdom.

Dr. Sharif stated that this year the company has provided on-the-job training opportunities for 62 students from different colleges of technologies and universities. Training will be conducted at various departments of the company in Dammam, such as production, engineering, sales and marketing, information technology and finance at Zamil Steel and Zamil Air Conditioners, both Zamil Industrial companies. He stated that opportunities were given to students from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, King Saud University, King Faisal University, Price Mohamed bin Fahd University in Al Khobar, Jazan University, Al Baha University, Al Qassim University, Dammam College of Technology and Technical Trainers College in Riyadh.

He added that most of the training programs started on 25th June 2011, and the duration of the sessions varies from two months for the summer training students to seven months for the cooperative university students. Dr. Sharif emphasized that the students’ knowledge, skills and attitude are assessed continuously by the line-supervisors as well as the training center to ensure that their specialized technical as well as their common skills are gradually developed and any difficulties that they may come across are resolved before preparing and sending their final assessment results to the academic institutions. He concluded his statement by explaining that university students are given SR 2,000 per month stipend and college students are given SR 1,000 per month. They are responsible for the execution of real tasks during their training programs, to build motivation and provide sufficient incentives for active participation in and to ensure that they receive maximum benefit from all training activities.

With regard to the training of the secondary school students, Dr. Sharif explained that the Training Center has coordinated and collaborated with a National Institute to train 40 male and 20 female secondary school students during their summer holiday. He added that the company coordinated with the labor office in Dammam to nominate suitable students for the summer training program, in addition to offering training opportunities to a number of the children of company employees. Every effort was made to ensure that the students received maximum benefit from their training programs.

He emphasized that the summer training program for this category of students consists of an intensive English language communications skills module and an information technology module (including Microsoft Office applications), and those modules have been specifically selected to provide the best opportunity for students to develop the vital skills that will be needed for their future studies and careers. He indicated that the students are assessed during the training program and will be paid SR 1,000 at the completion of the program, at the end of August 2011, as an incentive and demonstration of appreciation for their efforts throughout the session.

Zamil Industrial Training Center Conducts a Wide Range

Zamil Industrial Training Center Conducts a Wide Range of Employee Training and Development Programs


During the past six months, Zamil Industrial Investment Company (Zamil Industrial) Training Center has developed, facilitated and conducted a wide-range of employee training and development programs and courses. The Training Center is an integral part of the company’s annual plan to provide suitable training programs of the highest possible quality for its employees, aimed at the enhancement of skills and employee career advancement at various levels of responsibility.

Dr. Mohamed Abdulla Sharif, Zamil Industrial Training Center Manager, recently reported that a total of 70 newly-recruited Saudi employees of Zamil Steel Company have attended full-time, structured training programs for an eight month period. The programs were composed of a combination of theoretical and specialized practical training units, specifically selected for each trainee in order to develop job-related skills that are vital to job performance and career advancement. In addition, trainees took advantage of units designed to expand foundational skills, including: communication, application of technology, teamwork, problem-solving and coworker relations. Supporting studies in English language, technical drawing, work ethics, workshop calculation and occupational safety and health were also available.

The training programs provided for the newly recruited Saudi employees concentrated on welding and fabrication technology as well as machine operation technology. The company pays great attention to recruiting Saudi citizens for a variety of industrial positions and providing suitable training and development programs for them on a continuous basis. This investment in career training develops basic skills and advances competency levels, motivating employees to work more effectively, increasing the company’s productivity and contributing to the career advancement of each individual employee.

Zamil Industrial Training Center has conducted many brief courses for other categories of employees, including Microsoft Office Applications, English language, and Operation and Maintenance courses on Room and Central Air Conditioning Systems. The Training Center has also coordinated with a number of well-know international training providers and conducted many specialized courses for company supervisors and managers, such as Advanced Selling and Negotiation Skills, Advanced Presentation Skills, First Aid and Advanced Root Cause Failure Analysis.

In addition to the customized in-house courses, a number of senior employees were sponsored to attend specialized public courses such as Inventory Planning and Material Control, People Management, Finance for Non-Financial Professionals and Continuous Service Improvement. The total number of employees who have attended training courses and programs during the last six months was 367, with 192 of these classified as Saudi citizens. The Training Center has also arranged orientation programs for a total of 22 professional employees including engineers, supervisors and managers.